Adelaide Aquarium and Pond Cleaning Service / Setup Assistance

Is your aquarium or pond in need of maintenance but you haven’t got the time or energy? Are you losing fish and looking to be put right by a professional? At Aquarium Fish Paradise – we can help !!

Backed by our shop front on Payneham Rd, one of our experienced team can visit your home or business to help put things right.

We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Instruction on routine maintenance, chemicals required and feeding guidelines.
  • Creating ideal water conditions for keeping fish.
  • Diagnosis, advice and treatment of sick fish.
  • Getting rid of “green water.”
  • Filtration and Pump solutions
  • Suitable plants

One of our experienced team can come to your Adelaide home or business for cleaning and maintenance of an aquarium or pond within days.

Simply call us on (08) 8336 5062 to get a quote and an appointment. We will require the dimensions of the pond or tank to accurately quote you over the phone.

Aquarium Fish Paradise
PH 8336 5062