The Aqua One Brilliance aquarium uses low iron white glass which is brighter and clearer than normal glass. This allows the colour of plants, ornaments and fish to be viewed as natural as possible!

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Brilliance 180 Rectangular 580L Aquarium Set (Black)

180W x 60D x 65 + 75cm H

Each Set Includes:

  • Complete aquarium with hood and cabinet
  • Canister filter with filter media
  • Aqua One glass heater
  • NOW includes LED Lighting featuring timer !!!!
  • All connections

Replacement Parts / Media:

  • 25088I Impeller Set – Nautilus 2700/2700UV 88i
  • 25041W Wool Pad – 2700 Nautilus & 2200/2400 Aquis (2pk) 41w
  • 25041S Sponge Pad (15ppi) – 2700 Nautilus & 2200/2400 Aquis (2/pk) 41s
  • 25042S Sponge Pad (35ppi) – 2700 Nautilus & 2200/2400 Aquis (2pk) 42s
  • 25405W Wool Pad – Nautilus 2700UVC / Aquis 2250/2450 UV (2pk) 405w
  • 25405S Sponge Pad – (15ppi) Blue Nautilus 2700UVC / Aquis 2250/2450UV (2pk) 405s
  • 25406S Sponge Pad – (35ppi) Black Nautilus 2700UVC / Aquis 2250/2450UV (2pk) 406s
  • 58059 UV Lamp PL-S 5W Philips
  • 53050 UV Lamp PL 5W China

*For replacement tubes, see the lighting section.

Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical

1+1 Year Guarantee

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