Adelaide Aquarium Cleaning Service

Are you having problems keeping your fish alive in your aquarium ? Do you keep looking at your aquarium knowing the water needs changing but cannot find the time or energy to do it ? Does your turtle tank need cleaning by a professional ?

Brilliance 180 Aquarium
Brilliance 180 Aquarium

Backed by our shop front on Payneham Rd, one of our experienced team can visit your home or business to help put things right. One of our experienced team can come to your Adelaide home or business for cleaning and maintenance of an aquarium within days. We can even come after hours if that suits !!!

With over 10 years in the aquarium trade, our professional experience will assist you in the following areas:

  • Provide a full water test and evaluation of the aquarium.
  • Provide full instructions for the future. Prepare a plan to follow.
  • Algae solutions. Algae control fundamentals.
  • Instruction on routine maintenance, chemicals required & not required (!)
  • Correct feeding guidelines.
  • Creating ideal water conditions for keeping fish.
  • Diagnosis, advice and treatment of sick fish.
  • Plant care in an aquarium
  • Filtration and Pump solutions
  • Advise on compatibility of fish for any given setup
850 AquaStyle 165L Curved Glass Aquarium
850 AquaStyle 165L Curved Glass Aquarium

As a guide the prices of cleaning aquariums are as follows:

  • 2 Foot Aquarium $66 inc GST
  • 3 Foot Aqaurium $72 inc GST
  • 4 Foot Aquarium $80 inc GST
  • 5 Foot Aquarium $90 inc GST
  • 6 Foot Aquarium $100 inc GST
  • Aquariums in wall cavities and other specialty aquariums will possibly incur a surcharge
  • Location outside a 5km range of the shop may incur a $5 surcharge

Simply call us on (08) 8336 5062 to get a quote and an appointment. We will require the dimensions of the aquarium to accurately quote you over the phone. You might like to even take a photo with your phone and send it as a MMS message to our email address –

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