Adelaide Aquarium Leasing | Hire

Looking for a calming addition for your waiting room ? Looking to fill that empty corner or wall in the office for a stylish and well presented look ? Looking for calming qualities that reduces stress in a business environment ?

At Aquarium Fish Paradise, we supply businesses in Adelaide with an attractive aquarium with either a tropical, cichlid or cold water set up. We will supply your business with an aquarium, as well as ongoing food, fish, plants and provide monthly maintenance as part of an overall package at a monthly set price.

Maintenance of visual presentation of aquarium(s)

Servicing of Filtration, lighting and heating systems

Monitoring and partial water changing

Replacement service for equipment, accessories, and livestock

Maintenance of Decor

Administration of all medications and treatments

Ongoing supply of fish food

Call us on 8336 5062 to get a quote or find out more.
Here is a 5 foot aquarium we lease to a client, a little murky after just being cleaned