Golden Gourami

February 26, 2012 Rob 0

PRICE GUIDE 5cm: $8-$12 7cm: $12-$18Golden Gourami One of the most enjoyable community fish available today is the Golden Gourami. Their good looks and unique

Pearl Gourami

February 13, 2012 Rob 0

PRICE GUIDE 5cm: $8-$12 7cm: $12-$18 A popular Gourami we sell for a tropical setup is the majestic Pearl Gourami. Pearl Gourami’s elongated body features

Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighter

February 7, 2012 Rob 0

One of the most sought after ornamental freshwater fish in the industry is the Siamese Fighting Fish. Thanks to selective breeding, Fighters are today available

Phantom Glass Catfish

February 6, 2012 Rob 0

One of the most unusual looking fish for a tropical community is a Phantom Glass Catfish. They are unusual in that you can see straight


February 2, 2012 Rob 0

Another popular livebearer for the tropical freshwater community setup is the unique Swordtail. Swordtails are available in a range of colours from red to green