Kuhli Loach – Pangio kuhlii

April 9, 2018 Rob 0

The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii) is a small eel-like freshwater fish belonging to the loach family. They are a bottom-dwelling, brightly coloured fish that might

Pakistani Loach / Yoyo Loach

Pakistani Loach (Yo Yo)

May 21, 2017 Rob 0

The Pakistani Loach (also known as Yoyo Loach or Reticulated Loach) is frequently kept in aquariums with mild mannered tropical fish. It is best known

Clown Loach

Clown Loach

January 19, 2012 Rob 0

An extremely popular addition to a Tropical Community tank or an African Cichlid tank is the unusual Clown Loach. Clown Loaches feature a long and laterally