Pakistani Loach (Yo Yo)

Pakistani Loach / Yoyo Loach
Pakistani Loach / Yoyo Loach
Pakistani Loach / Yoyo Loach
Pakistani Loach / Yoyo Loach

The Pakistani Loach (also known as Yoyo Loach or Reticulated Loach) is frequently kept in aquariums with mild mannered tropical fish. It is best known for saying the letters “YoYo” as part of its marking on the side of the fish, hence, Yoyo Loach.

These are great fish for a tropical aquarium – very hardy for a loach and open to water conditions. Pakistani Loaches have a tendency to prefer soft, acidic water, from a pH of 6.5 to around 7.5; however, with gradual acclimation, they tolerate rather hard, alkaline water, even up to a pH of 8.

As tropical fish, they prefer temperatures in a range from 24 to 27 °C (75 to 80 °F). Yoyo loaches prefer to be kept in slow-moving water, although some individuals have shown preference for faster moving waters.

Pakistani Loaches can be kept comfortably with other loaches (Clown Loach, Dwarf Loach) as well as other passive fish. This fish can live up to 16 years old and grow to around 15cm.

In the aquarium, the yoyo loach lives in the bottom third of the tank. They prefer to have caves in which they can fit snugly and will ignore open caves.

Pakistani Loaches will eat a variety of foods, such as flake or pellet food, frozen foods, algae and vegetable. When they feed, they generate ‘clicking’ noises. These same sounds can sometimes be observed while they are swimming. These clicking sounds are generated when the loach grinds its pharyngeal teeth.

  • Minimum Tank Size: 30L
  • Lighting Needs: Low – subdued lighting
  • Temperature: 24 to 30.0°C (75.0 to 86.0°F)
  • Range ph: 6.5-7.5
  • Hardness Range: 4 – 14 dGH
  • Maximum Size – 15cm / 6 inches
  • Water Region: Bottom