Welcome to Aquarium Fish Paradise

March 22, 2018 Rob 0

Welcome to Adelaide’s Aquarium Fish Paradise Aquarium Fish Paradise is an Aquarium Shop in Adelaide that supplies healthy aquarium fish,  yabbies, axolotyls (mexican walking fish) and turtles

Adelaide Fish & Turtle Boarding

January 17, 2018 Rob 0

Adelaide Fish and Turtle Boarding Going away on holiday? Moving house ? Heading overseas ? We can help with piece of mind by housing and

Free Water Testing

January 13, 2018 Rob 0

If you are in the Adelaide region you are welcome to come and have your aquarium or pond water tested with us. Simply bring in

Golden Shark

Golden Shark

June 23, 2021 Rob 0

The Golden Shark (or Albino Rainbow Shark) is a peaceful fish that will ignore smaller fish like Tetras when they are small. They go well

Kissing Gourami

Pink Kissing Gourami

May 25, 2021 Rob 0

Pink Kissing Gourami is a beautiful looking fish originating from the Indonesian island of Java and is also found in Borneo, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and

Silvertip Tetra

Silvertip Tetra

May 25, 2021 Rob 0

Silvertip Tetras (Hasemania nana) are beautiful and active schooling community fish. They are called Silvertip Tetra because of their shimmering white and silver colour on the

Blind Cave Tetra - Mexican Cave Tetra

Blind Cave Tetra

May 25, 2021 Rob 0

One of the toughest fish in the industry is surprisingly the Blind Cave Tetra. These guys make terrific subjects for a tropical setup. As their

Example of Diatoms (Brown algae)

Algae in the freshwater aquarium

December 30, 2020 Rob 0

Every freshwater aquarium will be troubled by an infestation of algae at some stage. Where did the algae come from? What type of algae do

Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio – Danio rerio

September 18, 2018 Rob 0

A terrific addition for a new aquarist or for cycling a new tank, the Zebra Danio is an attractive looking small fish, but is also

Kuhli Loach – Pangio kuhlii

April 9, 2018 Rob 0

The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii) is a small eel-like freshwater fish belonging to the loach family. They are a bottom-dwelling, brightly coloured fish that might

Corydoras Sterbai

Sterba’s Cory – Corydoras Sterbai

March 26, 2018 Rob 0

Popular for their attractive markings is the Sterbai Cory (Corydoras Sterbai.) Sterbai’s feature white spots on a black background on its head while the marking appear

Corydoras panda

Panda Cory – Corydoras panda

March 26, 2018 Rob 0

An attractive yet tough little catfish to keep in your tropical tank is the ever popular Panda Cory. As the name suggests these bottom dwelling fish

Pictus Catfish

Pictus Catfish – Pimelodus pictus

March 22, 2018 Rob 0

One of the great tropical catfish available in market has to be the impressive looking Pictus Catfish. These are terrific subjects for most aquariums for

Hot Weather Tips for your Aquarium

January 18, 2018 Rob 0

Tropical and coldwater fish have a particular range of water temperature within which it is most comfortable living. And, because fish are exothermic, they rely