Silvertip Tetra

Silvertip Tetra
Silvertip Tetra

Silvertip Tetras (Hasemania nana) are beautiful and active schooling community fish.

They are called Silvertip Tetra because of their shimmering white and silver colour on the tip of its fins. 

Silvertip tetra characid freshwater fish native to streams and creeks in the São Francisco basin in Brazil.

They tend to inhabit creeks and tributaries away from the main river channels but it’s found in both white and black water environments.

Silvertip tetras fearure a black area at the base of their caudal fin but are transparent thereafter with a bright white tip at the end of the fin. The dorsal fin features similar traits. Males tend to have brighter red in their fins.

Their bodies have an overall copper sheen – moreso in the males. During the night, the copper and black become a more silver colour as the fish rests — the colour is reactivated once the fish becomes active in the morning.

Silvertip Tetras are quite a hardy little fish. I’ve noticed they thrive in variable water conditions but I wouldn’t let water PH go above 7.5. In the wild, silvertip tetra lives in slightly acidic waters that range from a pH of 6.0 – 7.0.

These fish will do best in an aquarium setup that features plenty of live plants and also some driftwood to replicate their natural environment.

These tropical, freshwater fish thrive in temperatures that range from 22°C – 28°C (71°F – 82°F.)

Scientific Name : Hasemania nana

Common Names : Silvertip tetra; Whitetip tetra

Care Level : Easy

Size : 5cm (2 inches)

pH : 5.5 – 7.5

Temperature : 22°C – 28°C (72°F – 82°F)

Water Hardness : 3° to 20° dH

Lifespan : 3 – 5 years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Brazil, River Basin areas. Woody and planted environment.

Temperament / Behavior : A very peaceful tetra that needs to be in a school of 6 or more.

Breeding : They will scatter their eggs on the substrate. The adults may eat the eggs.

Aquarium Size : 30 litres minimum

Tank Mates : You don’t want to keep them with more boisterous or overly aggressive tank mates. They may nip fins if kept solitary.

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease – White Spot (Ich) Tetra Disease

Diet / Foods : Eat most common aquarium foods. Flakes, frozen, freeze dried and may nibble at some aquarium plants.

Tank Region : Bottom half

Gender : Females rounder, males copper coloured