Columnaris Disease in a fighter fish showing the "saddleback" lesion, body fungus and mouth fungus

Columnaris Disease

May 20, 2017 Rob 0

Description Columnaris is a common bacterial infection in aquarium fish, particularly livebearer fish (guppies, mollies etc) and catfish. Its name is derived from columnar shaped bacteria,

Fin Rot showing on a fighting fish

Fin Rot

May 20, 2017 Rob 0

Fin Rot is a bacterial disease that most fish can get that is generally caused by poor water quality. It is important for an aquarist

White Spot on Black Moor

White Spot or Ich

January 15, 2012 Rob 0

Whitespot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) is a common parasite found on fish in aquariums. It is an easy problem to spot, where a fish looks as if