Petworx Aquarium Sponge Filter (S)


Using an airlift system, the sponge filter features quiet operation, easy setup with excellent filtering effect whilst oxygenating the water.

The specially developed foam material supports the colonisation of bacteria, allowing for mechanical & biological filtration which will break down harmful waste reducing ammonia & nitrite, resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish.

This filter is commonly used for breeding tanks and is very suitable for assisting whilst raising baby fish.


Sponge Size: 8.5cm (Dia) x 5cm (Height)

Sponge is weighted and will sink to the bottom.

** Item is the sponge and attachment only in a box **

To use effectively in an aquarium, you will require one of the following mechanical options:

  • An external air pump and some airline and check valve. (see diagram below #1)
  • Use as extra filtration to an existing top filter inlet. (see diagram below #2)
  • powerhead attached above the sponge. (see diagram below #3)