PetWorx Mini Internal Filter WXI-450


Internal filters are small, compact & best for smaller aquariums. In store we even use them in big aquariums as they are low maintenance and easy to clean.

The running cost of internal filter is low and they are inexpensive to buy compared to external filters.

They provide both mechanical and biological filtration that will keep the aquarium crystal clear and water healthy.

Internal filters keep tanks clear very well & sponge filters are very helpful in fry tank because fry can eat leftover food attached to sponge.

They are quiet and have the added bonus of a venturi system where bubbles can be blown directly from its nozzle.

To estimate what capacity filter you would need for your aquarium, firstly work out the aquarium’s Litres (so – in cm multiply LxWxH then divide by 1000 = Litres) then multiply your aquarium’s literage by 5-6. eg 200 Litres would need a minimum 1000L/H Internal Filter.



Suitable for an aquarium of up to 60 Litres, this small filter is an ideal performer.

  • Low Noise
  • Max flow 450 L/H
  • Energy efficient (6W)
  • Small & compact
  • Fully submersible
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes venturi tube for bubbles
  • Several outflow options
  • Includes spray bar
  • Suitable for coldwater or tropical fish tanks
  • Suitable for turtle tanks
  • 12 month warranty (conditions apply)

Ensure entire unit is completely submerged underwater at all times & always wash filter in the water that has been removed from the aquarium – DO NOT WASH SPONGE IN OUR TAPWATER. DO NOT OPERATE WITHOUT WATER.