Magnetic Turtle Dock – Medium

$52.00 $39.99

The Pet Worx Turtle dock provides a dry area for aquatic turtles (tortoises) to bask on under UVB lights.

The 4x Magnets (that go on the outside of the glass aquarium) keep the floating dock in place, removing the need for brackets or suction cups inside the tank.

The medium Turtle Dock is suitable for turtles (tortoises) up to about 15cm and is well suited to a small to medium sized aquarium. Remember turtles (tortoises) should be given a minimum 15cm depth of water to live in.

The measurements are:

  • 26cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 4.3cm (H) and also includes 4x very strong magnets.



  • 26cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 4.3cm (H)
  • Includes 4x very strong magnets.