Mini Float Guppy Fry Tank

$11.99 $9.80

  • Capacity 0.75L
  • Dimensions 16cm(W) x 8cm (D) x 8cm (H)
  • Base separater provides protection for new born fry
  • Can be fixed to any part of the aquarium using suction cups supplied
  • Floats also
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Can be set up to suit your individual need
  • Ideal isolation chamber for pregnant fish
  • Provides a safe haven for weak or sick fishDimensions
    8cm(h) x 16cm(w) x 7.5cm(d)


The Aqua One Mini Float either floats or attaches to the top of the aquarium with the suction cups provided for a place for guppy females to have their fry and also to grow them out safely in the existing aquarium.