Aquarium Rocks for Aquascaping

Texas Holey Rock 2
Texas Holey Rock 2

At Aquarium Fish Paradise we have access to the varying types of wood, all suitable for your aquarium, included in this catalogue.

Please note when selecting these pieces of wood for your aquarium, there is generally a small, medium and large option – often it is easier just to ring the shop and order exactly what you want.

We cannot carry all lines of course – these items generally are freighted to Adelaide in about a week.

Texas Holey Rock and Reef Base will significantly raise your water hardness levels that will in turn raise your water’s PH. These rocks are most suitable for African Cichlids and also Marine aquariums. They are NOT desirable for normal tropical tanks, however a small piece in a coldwater aquarium can be beneficial for stablizing the water suitable for goldfish.

Feel free to drop us an email at to order a particular type of plant(s) and include your mobile phone number so we can contact you when the stock arrives. Alternatively please just call the shop on (08) 8336 5062 and speak directly with someone who can order your requirements immediately.