Types of Goldfish Available


At Aquarium Fish Paradise here in Adelaide we are able to get the following varieities of goldfish.

It should be noted that not all these varieties of goldfish are suitable for outside ponds – in face the varieties of Comets, Fantails and Shubunkins would be better suited for outside use.

More fancier type goldfish such as bubble eye, pom pom, ranchu, lionhead, orandas and pandas etc should be kept inside.

Further to that I find the more fancier varieties are much weaker strains – they definitely do better with the water kept at a temperature of 22C or so all year round.

Also with the fancier goldfish (well all goldfish really!) – it pays to use high quality fish food and not too much of it at any one time. Goldfish are very prone to constipation and should never receive more food than what they can consume in 30-40 seconds.