Albino Paradise Fish

Albino Paradise Fish

January 11, 2012 Rob 0

One of the first fish ever exported for the aquarium trade was the hardy yet beautiful Paradise Fish. We now have three varieties commonly available

Lake Malawi Cichlids

January 11, 2012 Rob 0

LAKE MALAWI CICHLIDS WE REGULARILY STOCK   Electric Yellow Electric Blue Electric Blue Iceberg Labidochromis Hongi Blue Dolphin – Cyrotocara Moori Cobalt Blue Zebra Red Zebra Pseudotropheus

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Green Tree Frogs

January 11, 2012 Rob 0

Green Tree Frogs are easily the best known of all Australia’s frogs. They are also both the most popular and most common pet frog. They

Coldwater Fish

January 10, 2012 Rob 0

COLDWATER FISH WE SELL Axolotyl Black Moor Comet Danio Fantail Golden Sucker – Golden Algae Eater Lionhead Nymph Paradise Fish – Albino Paradise Fish –

Tropical Fish

January 9, 2012 Rob 0

TROPICAL FISH WE SELL Albino Cory Albino Paradise Fish Angelfish Black Ghost Knife Black Neon Tetra Black Paradise Fish Black Phantom Tetra Black Shark Black