Green Tree Frogs

Green Tree FrogGreen Tree Frogs are easily the best known of all Australia’s frogs. They are also both the most popular

and most common pet frog. They make excellent pets as they are long lived, easy to maintain and seem

very well adjusted to life in confined spaces. They will also tolerate a small amount of handling and for

this reason have been very popular as children’s pets. They occur throughout Australia with the exception

of the arid west and the colder southern parts of the country. They readily occupy habitat that has been

degraded and altered by humans and occupy rain water pipes, shower recesses, septic tanks, and any moist

warm location provided by human structures. They breed in suburban ponds and swimming pools laying

2000-3000 eggs at a time. They are regularly accidentally transported all over Australia in produce like

tropical fruit and plants. Prior to protective legislation throughout most of their range, they were

deliberately collected in large numbers and sent to the southern states to supply the pet trade. Reaching an

adult size of over 10cm they have been known to live beyond 25 years. When buying your Green Tree

Frogs it is best to select young animals to ensure that they were not collected from the wild and that you

are not inheriting problems created by someone else’s poor care. Starting with young frogs will also

provide a long and happy experience with your frog. The following information should guarantee your



A variety of different containers may be used to house Green Tree Frogs. They must be water proof and

non-toxic. Glass and plastics are the best materials, but be aware that some plastics are corroded by ultra

violet (UV) light (see discussion headed: lighting) and may crack and break in a matter of months. For

visibility, longevity and aesthetic appeal a glass aquarium is best. Any enclosure must be secure and

escape proof. A tight fitting wooden or aluminium frame covered with fly-mesh provides the necessary

ventilation and security while allowing the valuable UV light to reach the frogs. Use only fibreglass flymesh

as steel or aluminium provide abrasive surfaces on which the frogs will injure themselves. A

standard 3ft (90cm) aquarium would adequately house three to four adult frogs.

Temperature / Heating

It is imperative that Green Tree Frogs be kept warm. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 10°C will

result in the death of your animals. If you do not have a purpose built heated room the most effective way

to heat your enclosure is by the use of an aquarium heater placed in the water. The water should be heated

to 24-26°C and this should ensure that the air temperature remains above 18°C. A waterfall or some other

form of water movement will increase evaporation and help maintain and stabilise the temperature and

humidity of the air. If excessive heat loss is occurring, part of the lid may be covered with glass or plastic.

Be sure however that the cover is not beneath the light fixture as it will stop the necessary UV light from

reaching your frogs.

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